In a Biodanza session (called Vivencia) you will guide through dances and rituals by a facilitator. The facilitator introduces all exercise and you follow with your own interpretation. The Vivencia is curated with music and dances so it facilitates participants the best and deepest experience. Object is to enfold and develop your human potential in various aspects. It is powerful and soft because it works with music, movement and rituals in a group. Biodanza creates connections with your inner self, with the group and with totality. It can be a deep self-experience process.
Biodanza is beyond of a dance only.
Biodanza stimulates the natural potential of every person to health and cell renewal – through a combination of music, dance and emotional experience.
Dance is the expression of an inner movement in Biodanza, so it does not need any previous knowledge. The direct experience in the here and now encourages participants to enjoy the movement and rediscover their true creative potential.
Biodanza relieves stress, restores the nervous system, strengthens the immune system and reduces psychosomatic symptoms.
The Biodanza system has five experience lines – creativity, vitality, sensuality, transcendence and affectivity.
To express your emotions and feeling in a dance – that’s all about.
Trust your feelings and your intuition. We have a lot of encounters in the dance, we change companions in a dance and you can develop awareness what is good for you. In a Biodanza group we learn with a lot of hugs, embraces, encounters. It is so lovely to have contact and caress.

We cultivate joy of life and alegria and support each other and it is a very positive culture.

You are very warm welcome to dance with us. Let’s give it a try.

You Glow – dance and give your self a beauty boost.
After a Biodanza session you will feel the bliss. All cells turned into happiness and their positive energy let you shine. The organic renewal gives your face a happy glow. You glow and express love and happiness to the world.